Welcome, folks and fairies! I am a seamstress, fashion designer and textile artist residing in the magical land of Eugene, OR. I work from my studio assisted by my lovely kitties.

My designs are built on the principles of sustainability and finite resource availability and thus no two items are exactly alike. I (re)source my materials through local, secondary markets and small businesses. In my continuing mission for creative reuse I enjoy incorporating alternative materials into my designs and focus on finding ways to utilize small remnants, keeping what would otherwise be deemed “scrap” out of the waste stream. My continuing mission is the creation of durable, whimsical fashions in support of the slow fashion movement.

In a similar vein, I am happy to extend wardrobe lives through repair, alteration, and restyling. My goal being to create the look, style and fit you desire at an affordable price.

I live for custom projects!  I specialize in creating fantasy and fancy dress costumes for Halloween, weddings, and costumed events.

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